There are women all over the world, who in one way or another, are yearning, reaching, and striving for their destiny. Throughout our lives, many of us have experienced setbacks, illness, loss, depression, molestation, financial destruction and many other hardships.

Coffee Break Talk is about delivering relatively concise articles that not only stimulate meaningful conversation, but also invite and motivate positive thinking and a healthy desire for something new and better.

Founded in 2015, Coffee Break Talk is for women who have realized that it is NEVER too late to begin again.

My name is Norlisha Gistarb and I love coffee………. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s proceed.

I have no formal qualifications. I am not a known expert, or a physician, or a certified life coach. I haven’t made millions of dollars and I’m not the world’s best at anything.

I am a mom of two, a budding writer from Louisiana (now living in Georgia), I have a degree in Psychology, and I’m currently studying for a master’s degree in Adult Learning and Development.

I have accomplished a lot over the last couple of years (and failed a lot too). Along the way, I have learned some valuable lessons, often in the most painful way possible. But aren’t those the best lessons? I share some of my own struggles on Coffee Break Talk, but this site is for any woman who wants to have better for herself, her family, her career, and the world.

Coffee Break Talk’s primary topics are personal development, spirituality, blogging, lifestyle, product reviews, and of course a little bit about…..coffee.  We are all on our paths and prayerfully the one God has ordained for us. Lets’s do it together and learn new things from each other along the way. I assure you, we will achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Oh! We have fun here too 🙂

I enjoy readers’ comments and look forward to your input and insight. We all have a story to tell and what better way to learn than together? To stay up to date on Coffee Break Talk be sure to subscribe.

Norlisha Gistarb (Lish)

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