Go Bionic With Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial

Go Bionic With Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial

As if I don't tell you all the time, as a mom, graduate student, employee and blogger, I often feel tired. I don't mean any old kind of tired; I'm talking about an unnatural tiredness. The kind of fatigue that shows up in my skin after constantly burning the candle at both ends.

As a lifestyle blogger, I get the opportunity to try lots of amazing and not so amazing beauty products. Let's just say one more product has earned its spot on the amazing list.

Exuviance, a brand that I've reviewed in the past, has created an in-home skincare treatment formulated to invigorate and revitalize tired dull skin. Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial is an amazing blend of good stuff which also happens to carry much needed oxygen to overly stressed skin.

Oxygen is known to promote skin tissue detoxification while aiding in the care of dull, congested and acne ridden skin. Oxygen is also known to rescue, rejuvenate and promote the formation of collagen within the skin.

However, when administered in a spa setting, oxygen facials can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 per treatment and the benefits don't last very long. I don't know about you, but my pockets don't run that deep.

Exuviance's Bionic Oxygen Facial gives you the freedom to get your oxygen boost on whenever you darn well feel like it. This facial in a bottle contains pure oxygen plus a Bionic Complex. The Bionic Complex, containing gluconolactone and lactobionic acid helps to bring back skin's natural glow and softness. 

The Company Behind Exuviance

Exuviance was created by Drs Van Scott and Yu, creators of the first glycolic acid peel. After their initial discovery, the doctors continued to create many more anti-aging breakthroughs, all backed by scientific and clinical research. As a result, Exuviance products have become known around the world for advanced skin care technology and their ability to dramatically change skin for the better. 

Key Benefits

•Detoxifies and eliminates dullness
•Promotes energy at the cellular level
•Supports collagen formation
•PHA/Bionic Blend restores glow and enhances skin texture

How the Bionic Facial Does It's Thing

Before using Exuviance's Bionic Oxygen Facial, it is important to cleanse the skin but don't dry your face; the product needs water to do its magic. The product initially goes on as a light gel then slowly transforms into a tingly, bubbly, oxygen-releasing foam. After about 10 minutes and/or once the foam disappears, rinse the skin and gently pat dry.

Check out this short video review of my bionic facial experience!

My Verdict?

I noticed a refreshed feel after my very first use, but after many uses, it has brought increased clarity and energy to my skin. This product is amazing for use before a special event, after an all-night study session, after Exuviance's Glycolic Peel or after your own targeted skincare treatment.

It is recommended to use the bionic facial three to four times per week but it's tempting to use the product every day just to experience the uplifitng and refreshing sensation.

As a side note, I've experienced no irritation or dry-skin patches and I will continue to use this product as part of my weekly skincare routine.

Need More Info?

Interested? Purchase the product or find out more information at www.exuviance.com.

I received this product for review, courtesy of Brandbacker, but please understand that ALL opinions are my own and are completely uninfluenced by Exuviance or Brandbacker.

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    Wow! this sounds like a great product! i love the honest review i might have to check it out..

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