My Irresistible Me Clip In Human Hair Extensions Review

My Irresistible Me Clip In Human Hair Extensions Review

Hey everybody, I'm so excited about today's Coffee Break Talk beauty review. Right before the holidays, I was presented with the opportunity to sample and review Irresistible Me Clip In Human Hair Extensions.

Having undergone a self-perfomed BIG CHOP a few months ago, I'm always experimenting with new ways to make it through this grow out phase.

If you haven't heard of Irresistible Me, they create amazingly high-quality clip in human hair extensions, full-lace wigs, and styling accessories.

I've worn many types of hair enhancers and proudly proclaim myself to be a certified wig junkie but I'd never worn clip-in extensions. I wasn't sure if my super short hair would blend well, but I was darn sure ready to try. Welp, chickas here goes my review.

Packaged to Impress

My Irresistible Me hair extensions arrived in a rectangular small/medium black box with a hinged lid. The box was simple yet classy with a cute message inside of the package. 

The extensions were inside of a two-compartment, heavy-duty, securely sealed, red, zip-locked bag.

As shown below, the smaller compartment contained a single sample of hair. This sample is provided to ensure that the correct hair color and texture is received without disturbing the full set of hair within the larger compartment.

Frankly, I think this is ingenious and protects the consumer and the company from receiving or sending an unwanted product.

So What About This Hair?

On to the hair! I received the Silky Touch 18" 200g clip-in human hair extensions in jet black. Just in case you're wondering, the 200g set comes with 1 pc of 4 clips, 2 pcs of 3 clips, 5 pcs of 2 clips, and 2 pcs of 1 clip.

It doesn't look like it, but there is quite a lot of hair in the box. They were neatly wrapped, soft, and fresh smelling.

The below picture does not do the hair justice. This photo was taken after the extensions had been worn and I believe I got some oil in the hair. Trust me, this hair is beautiful and well-made. 

The Silky Touch clip in hair extensions are made up of 100% Remy human hair. With that being said, this hair can be washed, heat styled, cut and colored.

I particularly like that the hair thickness gets a little thinner at the ends just like natural hair, giving the final style a wispy look.

​The number, length and density of the hair varies depending on which set of hair is chosen. The clip-ins come in sets of 10, 8 or 7 pieces.

I believe clip in human hair extensions are best used for quick style changes, important events, or simply to add length, fullness and/or volume to thinning or less than full hair.


The clip-ins were easy to install and allowed me to finish a complete look in about 20 minutes.

Before starting, I made sure that all of the hair clips were open and ready to go. I started about 3 inches from the nape of my neck. By the way, I did this because my hair is so short and I wanted to ensure that I placed most of the hair where it would be seen.

I placed the largest 4 clip piece of hair in the middle of my head (in the ear to ear section). I found that securing the clip-ins about a half of an inch away from the scalp provided the best hold.

I simply continued this process until I achieved the finished look. Inspite of my short hair, blending the hair was pretty easy. I styled my hair with the front section pinned back to conceal my super short hair. It worked!

I've placed some photos here for you guys to check me out before and after the completed look. Pretty amazing right? 

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Before the Transformation: Don't Judge Me 😉

After My Irresistible Me Clip In Hair Extensions

​I must say that I am pretty pleased with this hair! Such a nice way to play around with long hair without the hassle and committment. Maybe this will be one more solution to the BIG CHOP grow out phase? If this sounds like something you might want to try for yourself, click here to check em out!

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