I’m having an affair and I’m proud of it.

Yes, I admit it. I’m in love with coffee. You know…that dark, hot, steamy stuff with the robust aroma that can wake up even the grouchiest laziest office staff on a Monday morning? That’s right, coffee is my boo, my bae and my BFF. As long as we’re together, I’m good.

So with the holidays coming up, I thought I’d put together a little list post of some of the cutest gifts for the coffee lovers in your life. Check em out, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This simply means that if you purchase an item through one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. If you do, I thank you in advance.


Coffee Gives Me Superpowers: An Illustrated Book about the Most Awesome Beverage on Earth Hardcover by Ryoko Iwata

Coffee Gives Me Superpowers is a cute colorful book chock full of anything and everything a coffee fanatic might want to know about his or her favorite beverage. Perfect for the coffee table or even a bathroom book.


 Surborder Shop Coffee Mug Warmer Desktop USB Electronics Heat Cup Warmer Pad Plate

Don’t you hate it when you grab some fresh coffee from the community office pot but have to take a phone call and the darn coffee gets cold before you can drink it? No worries, this gadget will keep your drink warm until you get back to it. Note: It does not heat drinks, it only keeps them warm. Genious!



Hello Beautiful Mug with Gold Lettering and Handle – 14 oz

You’re beautiful! You know that right? What better way to remind yourself or the person you love than with this way too cute coffee mug. Personally, I love the gold-trimmed handle.


Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug 13oz

Not a morning person? Me either. Maybe that’s why this mug makes me laugh. I am sooooo that person who needs to “come to life” in the morning. My coworkers laugh and say, “Lish, we have to wait for you to warm up before we start talking to you.” I’m not rude or anything, more like MEH, before my daily boost of caffeine. Know anybody like this? I bet they’d love this cute and unique mug.


Coffee Break Tees- 3 Styles XS-XL

Do you or someone you know literally live for coffee? I swear it’s crazy how coffee seems to bond us together in some warm and sentimental kind of way. How about literally, wearing your coffee on your sleeve? Well, on your chest at least.  These tees are perfect for fall when paired with jeans, leggings, jeggings, hats and vests.

Coffee Break Tees / 3 Styles / XS-XL


Fabulous Coffee Mugs 11 oz.

Fabulous Coffee Mugs / Lots of Options

As if I haven’t shown you guys enough mugs, here are some more! I, like most coffee lovers, am a mug junkie. These super cute and funny ceramic mugs are great for brightening up a day.  There are a lot of designs not shown here so go take a look and find the perfect mug for you or someone special. Per manufacturer description, mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.



Personalized Leopard Print Gold Mug

Personalized Leopard Print Gold Coffee Mug


Looking for something a bit more personal for that certain someone? Something that is chic, sassy, and has their name all over it? This mug literally has a place for the owner’s name! How cute! Hand wash recommended



Super Cute Coffee Shelf

Coffee Shelf

People who love coffee also need a place to organize all their coffee accessories don’t they?  This shelf is perfect for organizing creamer, sugar, and stirrers plus it has a comfy cozy charm to match. It’s made from reclaimed lumber and has hooks on the bottom to hang their favorite mugs.  Measures 30 in x 8 in x 4 in


Funny Sayings Coffee Mugs 15oz.

Funny Coffee Mugs / 8 Designs

These hip and sassy ceramic coffee mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. Choose from 8 funny sayings to perfectly fit the coffee fanatic in your life. Coffee makes them happy and now their cup can too.


Divinity Boutique Inspirational Mug With Owls Joshua 1:9, Be Strong and Courageous

This mug is perfect for the lady who likes to stay uplifted through the Word of God. This ultra feminine and curvy-shaped mug exhibits a biblical scripture inside and a super colorful owl in a tree design on the outside. I can’t leave out the matching gift box. Per manufacturer details, this mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

What kinds of things do you or your coffee-lovers like? Share in the comments.
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This post contains affiliate links.

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