Worry Keeping You Up at Night? 3 Steps to Secure and Safeguard Your Peace

Worry Keeping You Up at Night? 3 Steps to Secure and Safeguard Your Peace

Peace is an often overlooked, under appreciated, and misinterpreted gift.  It is a definitive quality, that is second to nothing.  Many people have no idea why they toss and turn all night, or why they may fall asleep, but do not acquire rest. Others search day in and day out for “something” but have no idea that the missing link is merely a five letter word…PEACE.

Many people search for peace in jobs, relationships, financial gain, and even church service, but peace continues to elude them. Oftentimes, people are so busy looking for “something” and even “someone”, not realizing that what they truly desire in their innermost being is peace.  They have no idea what they are looking for and/or where to find it.

Webster’s dictionary defines peace as “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.”  I venture to define peace as “the assurance of knowing that you are in the will of God, which is the safest place to be.”  Think about it.  When you know that you are safe, don’t you sleep a little bit better?  When you know that you are protected, don’t you breathe a little deeper?  When you know that all of your provisions have been met, can’t you rest a little bit longer? Yes, because all of this is peace.

All too often peace eludes us because we are get distracted by the dividends, and lose focus on the divisor.

This brings me to the first step.  To secure your peace:

  1. Keep Your Mind on the Prince of Peace Isaiah 26:1-6 MSG

All too often we get so caught up in our surroundings–what’s going on, what we have lost, what bills we have to pay, what we are waiting on.  Keep your mind focused on WHO not HOW.  

2. Watch The Company You Keep Psalm 1:1

Older people warn us time and time, again, that we should be aware of the company that we keep.  People who gossip, go against the will of God, who are negative, criminals, etc., threaten your peace–they threaten your physical peace, but more often than not your spiritual peace is threatened, as well.  Think on it: Have you ever heard stories of people who are riding in a car with others who have drugs, and EVERYONE in the car is arrested?  I’m sure you have.  It’s called- guilty by association.  We have to be mindful of the people we allow in our inner circle, because they can threaten our peace.

3. Work at It Hebrews 12:14

Peace isn’t a Walmart ® , one stop shop, or a Burger King ®, have it your way, type of thing.  It is not something for nothing.  You will have to work hard to attain it.  You will have to remain deeply rooted in the Word of God.  You will not only have to work to secure it, you will also have to work to safeguard it.  Just how do I safeguard my peace, once I’ve secured it, one may ask? I repeat steps 1-3…that’s what I do.

Peace Out!





FB_IMG_1452047948268A resident of  Jonesville, LA, Iyna Barnes has a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Grambling State University. She is a mother to 5 year old twinces (twin princes) and is currently in her 14th year as a public school teacher. Iyna is very active as a classroom and spiritual educator.


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