Hey You….Yes You…..You Will Be Alright

Hey You….Yes You…..You Will Be Alright

You hit that snooze button one too many times. You’re hurriedly driving to work and concerned about being late for the staff meeting. Not again.

You’re nervous about what your boss and/or co-workers might say or feel about your tardiness. As you enter the company, you pass by a group of unfamiliar women and for a split second, you worry a little bit about what they think of you. Yeah, I bet you’re like, “Who me? Pfft! Whatever.” Yes you.

You worry about that forever growing list of things to do at work, all the stuff you have to take care of at home (bills, kids, husband). You can’t help but feel like you’re not doing all that you can, like you should be doing something more…..or something else.  Always.

You have concerns about what you look like, about how people important to you see you, about how you perform on the things you do, about failure and success, about the sheer amount of stuff you have to complete, about the things you don’t have, the things you’re missing out on, and that nasty habit of comparing yourself to others.

Don’t feel bad. Many people won’t admit it, but you are NOT by yourself. Most people worry at some point or another. I do it too. This post is for the both of us.

Listen Linda, in spite of any of the before mentioned scenarios,  you will be ALRIGHT. Such is life and your life will be just fine.

It is human nature to worry about what could go wrong, about the negative things people might feel about us….you know…….the bad endings.

The bad endings are only a slim few of the numerous possible outcomes, and truth be told, most likely those endings won’t come true.

But let’s say they do.  (For example, someone at the office doesn’t like you and talks negatively of you). So what?When has something like that ever meant anything terrible for your life?

Even if the negative thing comes to fruition, you will be ALRIGHT.

Take a minute and think about the stuff you’ve worried about over the last couple of years.  I’m talking about the small things, not death or severe loss. In each of those instances, didn’t you end up just fine? The world didn’t end and you made it through with little wear and tear.

If you start to think positively and assert the fact that you will be ALRIGHT into your daily walk, you can begin to LET THINGS BE (right when you first notice the worrisome thoughts). You can feel calm and at peace, instead of being filled with worry and life-draining anxiety all day.

You can drive down the highway cool, calm, and collected, with a grin on your face……..because you are ALRIGHT.


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