Girl, Let Me Tell You… A Tribute to Women of Color

Girl, Let Me Tell You… A Tribute to Women of Color

In honor of black history month, author and Coffee Break Talk contributor, Iyna Barnes, has written a motivational tribute to our unique sisterhood and the need for us to forgive ourselves, each other, encourage one another, and continue to reach goals never thought possible. Remember, being proud of our heritage does NOT mean in any way that we are against any other. We invite ALL women to join in and celebrate with us. This post is dedicated to women of color everywhere, as we strive to stand up, reach out, uplift, and encourage one another.


Sista, O my sista,

We have been historically deprived,

Of a power that can never naturally be contrived.


So sista, O my sista,

When can we ban together in a strong united sisterhood?

The likeness and power, of which, can never, ever be understood. 


Sista, O my sista,

When will we resurrect and assert our power?

This type of power others will run from, and even more will turn and cower.


Sista, O my sista,

Do you even realize the injustices that we have dealt ourselves?

The power of unity that has lain dormant, unmoved and dust ridden on our shelves?


Sista, O my sista,

When do we join in Queen Bey’s ‘Formation’,

and rock the very core of this unprepared and unknowing nation?


Sista, O my sista,

When do we lay all the hating aside?

Let’s let love, forgiveness, and God, most importantly, be our guide.


Sista, O my sista,

When do we regain our throne?

And into our gifts and talents do each of us individually hone.


Sista, O my sista,

When do we stand with our backs straightened and stiffness in our necks,

keeping all of our goals in line and our deterrents in check?


Sista,  O my sista,

Don’t you see that you are a product of royalty?

So straighten your crown, and now royally strut with me.


So sista, O my sista,

When will you wipe those dark tears from your eyes,

And realize that you aren’t a physical trophy, but instead a spiritual prize?


Sista, O my sista,

When will you understand that you have more to offer than your body and your looks?

You have an innate wisdom that can never be learned from any books.


Sista, O my sista,

Understand that time waits for no woman,

So set your goals, focus and towards them start running.


2 Corinthians 1:24

But that does not mean we want to dominate you by telling you how to put your faith into practice. We want to work together with you so you will be full of joy, for it is by your own faith that you stand firm.



A resident of  Jonesville, LA, Iyna Barnes has a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Grambling State University. She is a mother to 5 year old twinces (twin princes) and is currently in her 14th year as a public school teacher. Iyna is very active as a classroom and spiritual educator

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