The BEST Monday Morning Coffee and Here’s Why

The BEST Monday Morning Coffee and Here’s Why

My first coffee review! Woot Woot!

Ahem….clears throat.

I don’t claim to be a professional coffee taster, but this chick definitely knows what she likes. For me, the perfect cup of coffee is smooth, mellow, medium-dark, not too acidic, flavorful, able to withstand flavored creamer and sugar, and of course…….hot.  I’m that girl who just can’t get her day started quite right without my favorite mug and a piping hot cup of that rich, brown, liquid goodness.

So on to my review and a little history on my go-to blend. In 1971, Starbucks opened their first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. This opening inspired the company to create their Pike Place blend, which consists of flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. Pike Place roast was introduced to me by a coworker and has since become a staple in my pantry. Pike Place is made from high-altitude arabica beans and has a smooth texture with no aftertaste. In case you didn’t know, coffee grown at cool mountain temperatures has a slower maturing process and an awesome flavor. This enhanced flavor is due to higher drainage and less water in the bean……in other words….an outstanding taste experience. Pike Place is a great coffee for breakfast, in the workplace, or even as an addition to a nice afternoon slice of pound cake. Yum.

What’s your favorite everyday coffee?

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