Influenster Tasty VoxBox Unboxing November 2016

Check out my first Unboxing video! Maybe I should say unvoxing? I was presented with the opportunity to try out Influenster’s TASTY VOX BOX and I’m showing you everything I got and telling you guys how you can get in on the fun!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not much of a Black Friday shopper, well not in the sense of going from store to store.

However, I think I just might do a little bit of that this year. I prefer to shop online from the comfort of my big brown recliner and my little pink laptop.

If shopping online is your thing too, you really should be using EBATES! 

I cannot tell you the number of times I have purchased something online for myself, family, or friends only to forget to use my Ebates. I remember being so upset with myself that one time, I walked right back into a store after reaching the parking lot and realizing that I could’ve bought the same item via Ebates.

Never heard of Ebates? No worries, I got you.

What’s MY Benefit From Using Ebates?

Ebates is one of the best sources for earning cash back from everyday online purchases. Ebates will pay you cash back (up to 40%) for items you purchase from many of the stores you currently shop at anyway.

Put it like this, whenever you decide to make an online purchase, instead of going straight to your favorite store’s website, buy through your Ebates account instead.

As a plus, the Ebates site already has some of the most popular store discounts and coupons already loaded into the site. Therefore, there is no need to search for promo codes and coupons before you begin shopping.

This is amazing for stacking up the discounts! You not only receive big savings but cash back as well.

Some of the most popular stores found on Ebates are Old Navy, Macy’s, JC Penney, Kohl’s Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, Ralph Lauren, and much more.

Each store has a certain percentage that will be sent back to you as a cash back incentive. You can look next to each store’s listing to find out what percent cashback you will receive.

I mean if you’re going to buy anyway, why not receive a check in the mail?

Does it Cost to Use Ebates?

Absolutely not! Ebates is completely free to join and use. No strings attached.  Just enter your email address and create a password and you’re in!

How is Ebates Free? What’s the Catch?

There is no catch here and no need for annoying mail-in rebate forms. Featured retailers pay a fee to Ebates when shoppers are referred to buy products via the Ebates site. Subsequently, Ebates shares some of that fee with you! 

I’d say that’s a WIN WIN situation. 


Didn’t You Say I Could Earn Some Extra Money?

Yep, sure did. Refer your friends, family, coworkers, etc to Ebates and make some extra cash. If people normally value what you have to say, you could earn some serious substantial side money.



While we’re at it, do you need some help with all those shipping costs this holiday season? I’ve got just the solution!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Receive 2-day shipping on thousands of items and get your shopping done fast!

I hope this helps some of you save a few pennies this shopping season and earn a little or a lot of cash back to boot! 

Oops, I almost forgot a big deal.

When you join Ebates and spend $25, Ebates will give you $10 just for signing up!

I’ll also receive a small incentive for referring you to Ebates. Didn’t I tell you it was a win-win kinda thing? We both make some money and you still have your cash back incentive to look forward to. Refer your friends and the incentives only get better. 😉

If this sounds beneficial to you, Sign up now before you make your next online purchase!

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Can YOU Handle YOUR Scars? Working to Heal Past Wounds

Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend an important conference. Well, let me tell you, being in a luxurious room and in a big comfortable bed brought about a great night’s sleep that I hadn’t seen in six years. I thought this experience would be perfect for this week’s Satisfying Sunday post.

As I readied myself that Friday morning, I caught a glance of myself in the huge hotel mirror. Literally, my scars not only scared me but also surprised me! My scars from past surgeries were so prominent and prevalent. Sure, I knew the scars were there, but on today–they brought out all sorts of insecurities from what I’d been through and from who I was on the surface.

My immediate thought was “I’ll forever be unmarried. No one will be able to handle these scars.”

Realizing that time was far spent and I needed to get downstairs to the conference, I made a mental note to ask the question ‘Can you handle my scars?”

Between sessions, I grabbed a quick meditative moment and something hit me.  Just as those physical scars can be a deterrent for many potential suitors, so can our mental, emotional and/or spiritual scars. Past hurts, betrayals, disappointments, and trials are all the results of wounds that have tried to heal; however, when healing doesn’t take place, those wounds will still cause discomfort.

In the present, this discomfort manifests itself in the form of trust issues. If someone has misused our trust in the past and the wound is not healed, it can certainly hurt our present.

Take children for an example. Children fall and injure themselves quite often. The first thing children want after an accident or being hurt is a band-aid right?

Ouch! So do adults!!!!

We may not apply a physical band-aid, but we use food, work, children, busyness, a new mate, etc.-to comfort us, to make us feel better, to give us some semblance of wound protection.

We throw ourselves head first into things in an attempt to “speed up” the healing process, when in all actuality what you are doing is prolonging the process, by ignoring it.

As kids, whenever we had a scrape or wound, I remember my great grandmother telling us to let it breathe; fresh air promotes healing.

You can’t heal things that you keep covered up. If at any point your scars provoke a painful response, you haven’t healed and you need to examine your healing process.

Remember that question I was gonna ask? It changed.

The question was no longer “Can YOU handle my scars?” It was now “Can I handle my own scars?

I had to face it. My healing process had been paused.

So how was I going to move forward in the process? How could I heal?

I had to do the work to promote the healing.

Scars, albeit unsightly, are ours and we must own them. We can’t allow them to define us. Instead, we must allow them to develop us. 

We must allow those scars to serve as lessons which promote our healing, maturity, and growth….

It’s time to tackle that elephant in the room…“Can you handle your own scars?”

As I was doing “my work” I found this resource from Joyce Meyer to be very valuable. I hope you do too.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.




Are you still asleep? I hope I didn’t wake you but I really wanted to share something with you.

This morning started off no different than any other morning…or so I thought.

First of all, I was up pretty late last night gathering Christmas tree decorations and cleaning my place. I was determined to have my tree up today, no matter what. Yep, today was the first morning in a while, that did not require my juggling work, school, kids, and blogging.

So, I slept pretty well and woke up to my mind racing through all of the tasks I planned to accomplish today.

As I opened my eyes, sounds from my TV were lightly playing and I could vaguely hear Dr. Phil talking to one of the guests on his show. You know, the Dr. Phil show; the one where Dr. Phil, a clinical psychologist, helps people from various backgrounds solve their toughest problems.

I reached over, grabbed my remote and turned up the volume. In a second motion, I reached for my cell phone so I could catch up on any important emails, check my Facebook page for notifications, and of course, check my current blog stats from Google Analytics. I mean, isn’t that what most people do first thing in the morning? 

That was sarcasm, just in case you didn’t catch it.

So, as I began to open my emails, I was gripped by a sudden pang of conviction. I immediately put my cell phone back onto the bedside table. Uh Oh, what’s going on God? 

I wait but I don’t “hear” anything so I grab my phone once more and proceed with checking my email.

This time, I can almost hear God’s audible voice in my head. I can’t really explain it but I’ll try. I suppose it was as if He said to me, I love you and I want to bless your life with more gifts than you can imagine. However, in spite of your desire to see my presence in your life, you consistently start your day choosing the world over Me.

There was no more need for persuasion. Determined to listen, I put the phone down, muted the TV, got out of bed and made my way to a comfy spot on the bedroom floor. I sat down among a pile of soft pillows which were scattered about the floor… and I waited.

I’m not sure if it was a feeling of shame, fatigue, or what, but I couldn’t figure out where to begin. I just knew that I needed to begin the day with God. I needed to be able to “hear” what He was trying to tell me.

So I began with this.

“Father God, I don’t know where to begin. The only thing I know is that I desire to spend more moments with you. I come to you asking for….”

then I stopped…

Then I said out loud, “Hold up God, I wanna start over.”

Yep, I sure did.

so I began again…

“Father God, I thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my family. I complain about being tired, student loans, bills, and my 07 Honda Accord, yet I want for nothing. You provide food, clothing, a roof over our heads and I can drive wherever I need to go. God, you have supplied my needs, just as you promised in Your Word…

By the way, here’s that scripture for you guys,

Philippians 4:19King James Version (KJV)

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


I continued to pray and the words began to flow. I won’t divulge the rest of my prayer here but I am getting to a point, I promise.

See, God was revealing some important things to me this morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been thankful for what God has provided for me, yet somehow, I had become lukewarm about my praise…my acknowledgment of his grace and favor over my life.

I had become preoccupied with blog stats, checking emails, grad school stress, and general life; so much so that my talks with God were fast becoming a side-bar conversation. Sure, I was still talking to Him, but I frequently rescheduled our meetings. I’d say to God, “I’ll get back to you after I check these emails or after I get off work today.” I’d say, “God, you know my heart, I was so tired this morning and I didn’t make time to meet with you, but I will on tomorrow.”

Well, God reminded me today that tomorrow is not promised.

Just maybe I was struggling with my blog because I hadn’t been consulting with Him about which direction to take.

Maybe it’s okay to wake up in the morning and check my emails and notifications AFTER I’ve given the first moments of the day to God.

He also reminded me that I don’t need to know exactly what to say when I meet with Him either. God just wants me to talk to him, kind of like a child receiving  a pep talk from a loving and caring father before his or her big day.

My overall AHA moment?

I’m imperfect but I’m perfect in his sight. He’s not judging my prayer technique. I am.

He hasn’t removed his presence from my life, I just stopped inviting him over each morning. God loves me and He wants me to come to Him first…for EVERYTHING.

Yeah, I know we forget, we get busy, and it’s genuinely hard to do sometimes. I struggle too and I fall short…daily.

But seriously, when was the last time you put God as the first client of your day? When you did, did you reschedule His appointment? Is it time to pencil Him back in? Is social media, work, or other life stress hindering your relationship with God?

I believe it is important for us to pay attention when God is trying to tell us something. Mute the TV, turn off the phone, take a walk…just find a way to sit in utter silence and “hear” what God is saying.

Feeling unworthy? I get it.

No, you’re not perfect and you don’t have to be. None of us are. Often the best interactions with God are unscripted, raw, teary, and…yep you guessed it….IMPERFECT.

Thank you for listening and allowing me to share my story with you this morning.

I have an idea; let’s make a deal. You pray for me, I’ll pray for you and we’ll work to be the light we wish to see in this world.

Oh, one last thing,

I already woke you up, so maybe you can go talk to Him now, just for a moment.

Hey, it’s a start and that’s all it takes.

Talk to you later,

My Natural Hair and the HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection

Are any of you guys transitioning your hair?

Already done the big chop?

Maybe you’re a natural hair veteran?

Well, I have no shame in telling you that I am no expert in the field of natural hair care. Truth be told, I’m pretty lost most of the time and tend to learn as I go.

As a result, I’ve become even MORE of a product junkie… constantly in search of the best products to care for my TWA.

Sure…I expected my post “big chop” journey to be an adjustment, however, to say I was ill-prepared for the dry, straw-like texture that has since consumed my hair would be an understatement.

I need moisture and I need lots of it

So about a month ago, I was presented with the opportunity to review HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection with Brilliant Shine Complex. This collection is not specifically made for natural hair, but I must say that so far… I’m pretty darn pleased.

Through an infusion of five superfruits, the Hask line of hair care products is designed to maintain hair’s natural shine, combat frizz and restore resilience. These superfruits are also known to provide amazing moisture, strength, and protection to dry, weak and damage prone hair.

I will give you guys a brief description of each product and share a little bit about my experience while using them.

That’s me smiling at my new goodies 😉

2016-10-23-16-23-14-489HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Shampoo:

This rich lathering shampoo contains dragon fruit, vitamins and minerals. It is designed to renew hair vibrancy and help remove product build-up. It contains mangosteen oil to provide shine and acai berry to maintain hair’s beauty.

This shampoo works well for me when I need to remove heavy product buildup however, I find it a bit too clarifying for regular use. I’m sure it would be fine for normal or oily hair, but my natural hair requires way too much moisture to use this product on a regular basis.

Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Conditioner: 

This lightweight yet moisturizing conditioner contains Amazonian cupuacu butter, an ingredient I’d never heard of before using this product. What does it do? Here’s the 411.

Amazonian cupuacu butter provides ultra long-lasting moisture and a beautiful shine. Listen, I don’t know how it does it, but this stuff is amazing.

Because my hair is so dry, I use this rinse-out conditioner as a leave-in conditioner before applying my hair styling products.

This product has been nothing short of AMAZING in maintaining my hair’s moisture level. It lasts all day and keeps my curls soft…NOT crunchy and dry. Honestly, this product is my favorite part of the collection.

Okay, moving on…

20161022_114307Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Deep Conditioner:

The Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Deep Conditioner came in a smaller sample package, yet I was still able to get three uses from it.

This deep conditioner is infused with papaya to smooth the hair and add shine.  It also contains mangosteen oil and acai berry to revive the hair.

I enjoyed this deep conditioner but I love the standard Hask Superfruit conditioner even more.


Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Brush

The Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection also came with a cute, lavender colored detangling brush. I really couldn’t use the brush for my natural hair but it was PERFECT for my human hair wigs.

Yeah, I know, that’s not really what it was made for, but at least I put it to good use. It has become an accessory that I love having in my bag.


Here’s a peek at my freshly washed hair leaving only the Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Conditioner on my curls. I told you it was amazing. In this picture, I have no other product in my hair and my curls are well defined and super soft. Oh did I mention this stuff smells great too?



I would definitely use this product line in the future. I almost forgot to mention, all products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors.

If you would like to learn more about the Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection, check them out at or at

Until next time,

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